Where I Stand

Our seniors provide community wisdom and are protectors of our history. I consider them one of my most important and vulnerable constituencies. That’s why I’m fighting to keep them safe and ensure they can continue living in the homes and communities they love. I’m also working to make sure city services are working for seniors – everything from safe sidewalks and good affordable housing to ensuring that their grandchildren have the highest quality schools we can provide.

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What I've Done

Building Connections with our Seniors

  • Regularly visit with Ward 1 seniors to listen to their concerns, share updates from the Council, participate in exercise classes, and more. 
  • Host Ward 1 seniors at events throughout the year, including during the holidays, at Thanksgiving, and for Valentine's Day.
  • Built a strong constituent services team that works to ensure our seniors get the high-quality District services they deserve.


  • Increased Alzheimer funding by $500,000 to ensure that care does not get interrupted
  • Protected funding for Safe at Home, which provides up to $10,000 for in-home modifications to ensure that people can age in place rather than move to a costly nursing home.
  • Funded Senior Wellness Centers at $2,891,000.
  • Increased senior transportation funding by $445,000.
  • Voted for $250,000 in funding for Senior Villages, a program that helps seniors stay at home in their neighborhoods.


  • Shepherded the Specialty Drug Copayment Limitation Act through my subcommittee, which passed the Council in February 2017.
    • The bill creates monthly caps on copays or coinsurance for specialty drugs.
    • The high cost of prescription medication can be burdensome, especially for those living on a fixed income. When those medications are specialty drugs, it can even more difficult to maintain treatment.

Affordable Housing for Seniors 

Protecting Seniors