Constituent Services

Who we help

Constituent services are available for all Ward 1 residents, as well as our local businesses. For the most basic issues, we use the 311 system to first log the issue and then we work with the relevant government agency to fulfill the request. For more complex issues we work directly with government agencies over time to resolve the issue. We do our work in partnership with constituents and their ANCs, as well as the Mayor’s office to ensure we are all working toward the same goal.

Commonly requested services include:

Garbage and recycling
Parking meters and parking signs
Sidewalk and street repairs
Streetlight repairs
Traffic Signals

Our approach to constituent services

Councilmember Nadeau’s top priority is to ensure District government is working for you. She has made it her office’s mission to run an effective constituent services program that not only helps individual residents, but also takes into account and works to resolve the root causes of the problems that affect our neighborhoods. In addition to solving individual resident’s problems, our goal is to proactively prevent the same problem from affecting others.

When you contact our office for help, you will get Councilmember Nadeau and her constituent services staff’s focus and attention. She works with her constituent services team to carefully monitor the progress and outcomes of cases. Many of you have heard from Councilmember Nadeau personally about outcomes because it’s important to her to make sure you’re satisfied with the work we have done on your behalf—and it’s important for her to know that your issue has been fully resolved. 

In addition to solving problems in our office, we track our open cases on a weekly basis to identify ongoing problems that are affecting Ward 1 residents. Councilmember Nadeau alerts the Mayor’s team to these trends, and perform rigorous oversight of government agencies all year round. When oversight isn’t enough, she works with her colleagues on the Council to pass better laws that address common constituent concerns and, through our annual budget process, ensure that government services are properly funded.


How to request constituent services

  • Use the website form below

  • Call our office at (202) 724-8181

  • Visit the office: John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 102, Washington, DC 20004

  • Stop by Councilmember Nadeau's regular community office hours, posted on the events page.

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