January 22, 2024 | Update

You Should Testify!

Weigh in at performance oversight (and other) hearings

Schedule of performance oversight hearings in the Committee on Public Works & Operations. Full list at https://brianneknadeau.com/committee

We are entering one of the busiest and most important times of the legislative cycle: performance oversight season, followed immediately by budget oversight season. It’s a time for the Council and residents to ask agencies about the work they are doing, what’s going well, what the challenges are, and how they plan to address those challenges.

Residents are a key part of this process and I hope that many of you will choose to participate. Residents know best how the work of agencies is affecting them and their communities. You navigate the agencies, fill out the forms, try to get permits and licenses and trash picked up. You also have thoughts about how we take care of our neighbors in need, fixing up parks and adding programs. Your testimony carries more weight than you might think. I and other councilmembers take notice when even one or two residents speak up on an issue, and we will often ask agencies to respond to your comments and concerns and propose adjustments to legislation and the budget based on your input.

You can testify before committees, submit written testimony, and contact your councilmembers. Don’t forget – in addition to me, your Ward 1 councilmember, you have five others! The four at-large councilmembers and the Chairman of the Council, all of whom represent all residents of the District.

Read more about the oversight process, upcoming hearing dates, and how to testify.