August 13, 2019 | Press Release

Statement on Staff Incident

"As of today, DaVon Fuller’s employment with our office has been terminated. Although there is a legal process to determine guilt that remains ongoing, it’s important that we are able to carry on the business of the people of Ward 1, and we will move forward with bringing on new staff to do so.”

ORIGINAL: The office of Councilmember Nadeau released the following statement on Monday, August 12, 2019:

“Our office was informed Sunday about the arrest of our colleague DaVon Fuller, and he has been placed on administrative leave.

“We are shocked and saddened by the situation, as it does not reflect the colleague we have come to know. 

“It is especially difficult given Councilmember Nadeau’s outspoken support for stronger gun violence prevention laws and investment in gun violence prevention programs. We know that easy access to guns can turn petty arguments into potentially deadly confrontations, which is why Councilmember Nadeau wrote and passed the District’s new red flag law to temporarily remove guns from people who are an immediate threat, and why she co-introduced the NEAR Act, the District’s public health approach to public safety.”​​