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Committee on Human Services Budget Update

This week marks a milestone in the Council’s annual budget process. Each committee holds a budget markup, which is when the committee makes its official budget recommendation for the following year.

This year I became Chair of the Human Services Committee where I help combat homelessness, improve programs for our youth that prepare them to succeed, and help residents with disabilities and those who find themselves in need of the District’s social safety net.

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Residents share ideas at Ward 1 Community Conversation


Councilmember Nadeau recently held a Ward 1 Community Conversation, which was a chance for residents to help set her legislative agenda by speaking with her and her staff about important issues and potential solutions.

Residents broke out into small group conversations with the Councilmember and her staff and each group was based on a specific topic area including: 

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Nadeau Resolution Honors Jewish Refugees Turned Away From the U.S. During WWII

Remember the St. Louis Day is a reminder of the consequences of rejecting refugees in need 

WASHINGTON – The Council of the District of Columbia unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau that remembers Jewish refugees who were denied entry into the US during WWII and later perished in the Holocaust. The resolution designates May 13, 2017 as Remember the St. Louis Day, a reminder of the tragedy that comes with refusing to welcome refugees and those seeking asylum from war and persecution. Councilmember Nadeau will formally present the resolution to members of Washington’s Jewish community during the Council’s legislative meeting on May 2. She co-introduced the resolution with Councilmember Brandon T. Todd.

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