Update | January 26, 2016

Tuesday Ward 1 Snow Update - Office of Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau

Ward 1 Snow Walk

After walking around the Ward yesterday to help with shoveling and to talk with neighbors, and after driving around neighborhoods this morning, I’m disappointed to report that the plows did not make much progress on our residential blocks in Ward 1 yesterday. The Mayor has 600 people working on the streets from all across the country. The National Guard is here. I can confidently say we have brought all the available resources to the table. And yet, I know that many of you are still stranded at home, probably ticked off that you can’t get your car out or that there are snow drifts making the sidewalks difficult to navigate. The residential plows are out, but they are sloooow. And if they would only give me one to drive around…

I write this as I’m headed to a legislative markup at the John A. Wilson Building, where the Council is back to work. I, of course, know how important it is to keep moving our legislative work forward, but I’m uneasy about turning my focus away from the snow removal for even a moment today when so much is left undone.

Claudia and Elizabeth from my team will remain in the Ward today, riding with the Mayor’s team, trying to get the plow trucks to go where they need to go. So many of you have written to thank me for the informative updates, and most of you are even polite when you ask me when your streets are going to be plowed. I really appreciate that. And I also understand the less-than-polite inquiries. I get it. You need to get to work. You want your kids out of the house. You have places to be and people who need to get to you. My team is working from a list that you all have sent me, but even if you haven’t asked when it’s your turn, politely or otherwise, we’re working on it.

We’ll keep at it.

Our daily briefing with the Mayor is not until 1 pm today so I don’t have updates from her. But I have in the meantime asked for clarification on where trash needs to be placed for Thursday pickup. Who is supposed to be plowing DC Housing Authority property (us or them!?), and where is the Department of General Services on their to-do list. They did a great job on the sidewalks around schools, but what about all the other public properties?

A couple of reminders:

Neighbors helping neighborsPlease shovel your sidewalks (I don’t even have to say this to you guys, because you’re so on it, right?), and since it’s thawing a little today, if you were only able to shovel a narrow path, how about another pass to make it a little easier? Thanks a million. We’ve been calling all the businesses and others who haven’t shoveled, so keep ‘em coming. I think it’s making a difference. The DC government doesn’t plow alleys, and I’ve been really impressed with neighbors working together to get them clear. Taking advantage of the melt today to do some of that is a good idea because it will make trash pickup much easier.

If you’ve shoveled out your car, that’s awesome. But this isn’t Boston, and you can’t reserve your parking space. Sorry. You did a good deed, though!

As always, if you have questions or feedback I’m at bnadeau@dccouncil.us.