February 1, 2023 | Update

Letter in Support of the 11th Street NW Corridor Transportation Project

Praises and supports extension of the bike lane north of Massachusetts Avenue

Councilmember Nadeau shared with the District Department of Transportation her support and the support of all ANCs along the corridor. This is an incredible opportunity to fill a bike transit gap that has existed until now.  

Residents have made clear with their voices and their biking and scootering patterns the importance of 11th street to their commutes. It is one of the busiest north-south corridors in the District, and the easiest hill to tackle to get up the escarpment that runs along Florida Avenue. The route also connects many public facilities, including 10 schools and two major recreation facilities. 

The project builds on the success of the second phase of the Crosstown Cycletrack, which was recently extended along Kenyon Street to connect with 11th, creating a more connected all-ages network for biking.  We are glad to see DDOT moving on these and other projects to improve sustainability and livability in neighborhoods throughout Ward 1 and the District.