Update | January 27, 2016

Final Ward 1 Snow Update - Office of Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau


Snow Removal

Crews made a lot of progress in the ward yesterday and last night, but we know not every street has been cleared yet. Many of those remaining streets will be addressed today, though I’ve been told by the snow team that a small handful may not be addressed until late this evening. All of the major arterials are clear.

Even though this was an historic snowfall for the District, I understand and share the frustration of residents who are still waiting for snow to be cleared. Throughout the storm, I have been doing everything I can as a Councilmember to help direct resources where they’re needed. I am in regular contact with the Mayor. Her team is very aware of the fact there are streets that still need attention in Ward 1. I will continue pushing until all streets in the ward are clear.


We are still working on some other outstanding issues, such as getting sidewalks clear at intersections. Crews will continue addressing those issues throughout the day.

Thank you for all of your feedback (good and bad!) during the storm and cleanup. One of my roles as Councilmember is to provide thorough oversight of District agencies. Once the dust (snow) finally settles, I’ll be using what happened to review the response and press District agencies to improve their response next time. I’ll be taking those face-to-face conversations with neighbors and your emails, tweets, and Facebook comments to the agencies, the Mayor, and fellow Councilmembers.

Thanks again to all the Ward 1 residents who helped pitch in to help neighbors. I met so many of you while I was out walking the ward during the storm. You are what makes the ward such a special community!

Below are some updates as the snow emergency comes to an end:

Snow Emergency Ends Today – DCUSA Parking Extended Until Tomorrow

The official Snow Emergency will end at 6:30pm today, Wednesday, which ends the parking restrictions on certain roads. If you parked at DCUSA to take advantage of the $1/day Snow Emergency rate, I have worked with the Mayor to extend the rate until tomorrow, 1/28, at 10pm. After that time, regular rates apply.


Trash collection will resume tomorrow, Thursday. Please leave your cans where they are normally picked up, including alleys. DPW tells us they have equipment such as shoes with spikes and steel toes that will allow crews to access alleys in the winter.


While the District does pretreat troublesome alleys, unfortunately it does not plow them. This has been a long-standing policy due to the fact that there isn't an effective way to clear them.


All Metrorail stations are running. Metrobus is on a Moderate Snow Plan schedule. Check wmata.com for the latest. 

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback at bnadeau@dccouncil.us.