July 21, 2017 | Update

Baby Boxes, Reducing Gun Violence, Combatting Gentrification - Office of Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau

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Gun Violence Protection Order Bill Aims to Reduce Gun Violence in District

Aiming to reduce gun violence in the District, last week Councilmember Nadeau introduced a bill that will give residents and police more tools to reduce access to firearms by those who are a risk to themselves or others. Modeled after successful California legislation, the bill is a vehicle for people to petition the court for a temporary extreme civil protection order where there is an immediate and present danger that the subject will cause injury to themselves or others. It allows police to immediately remove guns and prevents the subject of the order from legally purchasing other firearms for 14 days. After 14 days, the court will decide based on testimony and evidence if there is significant threat of harm to self or others to justify removing the firearms for a one-year period.

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Hearing on Councilmember Nadeau’s Bill to Provide Immigration Legal Services

Hearing_(200x146).jpgLast week, Council held a hearing on Councilmember Nadeau’s bill to create a permanent fund to provide immigration legal services for the District’s documented and undocumented immigrant residents. She was joined by immigration advocates on the steps of the District’s Wilson Building for a press conference in support of the bill.

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Small Business Rental Assistance to Combat Commercial Gentrification

Recently, Councilmember Nadeau introduced a bill to provide assistance to longtime small businesses to ensure that they are able to remain open by establishing a rental assistance program within the Department of Small and Local Business Development. Much like residential tenants, commercial tenants – who are often small business owners – face rising rents which threaten to push them out of their neighborhoods. Commercial gentrification risks the vibrancy and continuity of our neighborhoods by displacing small, local businesses which cater to low- to moderate-income District residents.

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