July 31, 2018 | Press Release

Statement on Initiative 77

Raising the minimum wage in the District is an issue I’ve worked collaboratively on over the last several years, as a champion of the increase to $15 as the Council passed legislation two years ago. I heard then, as I continue to hear now, from tipped workers who support a tipped minimum wage. Those voices have always been the guiding force behind my opposition to Initiative 77.

While I didn’t support this initiative at the ballot box, Ward 1 voters did. The bill introduced yesterday would be a full repeal of the initiative, which I do not feel comfortable with, and did not co-sponsor. However, I plan to remain an active participant in the discussion around this issue, as the bill moves through the legislative process. My sincere hope is that there is a path forward that addresses the concerns of the tipped employees I’ve heard from, that will ensure fair wages, and will help our tipped industries continue to thrive. The bill is expected to have a public hearing this fall.





Brianne K. Nadeau

Councilmember, Ward 1