February 28, 2023 | Update

Nadeau Requests Ward 1 Investments in Next Budget

Asks Mayor to include safety improvements, library, rec center enhancements, funds to implement street vendor and other laws

Councilmember Nadeau submitted the first of two budget letters to the Mayor with requests that she include funding for various Ward 1 projects and laws that impact the ward. They include funding for safety improvements, a library, recreation center improvements, and implementation of the street vendor and domestic worker rights laws.

The Councilmember will submit a second budget letter soon with requests for citywide programs she'd like to see the Mayor include in her budget. 

The Mayor will submit her proposed 2023-24 budget to the Council on March 22, after which the Council will hold numerous hearings, take public feedback, ask executive agencies to explain how they will use their budgets, and make revisions and vote on a final budget, likely in late May.