January 5, 2018 | Blog

Notes on Public Safety Meeting at the Park View Rec Center - Office of Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau

Notes and additional information from the meeting are below: 

Recent Crime Report

  • Park View in all of 2017 (includes parts of 3rd and 4th Police Districts): 60 reported violent crimes
    • 1 homicide (Closed with an arrest)
    • 2 sexual assaults
    • 29 Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon
    • 28 robberies)
  • Of the 60 violent crimes reported, 27 cases closed w/ arrest (~50%)
  • Pressing concerns with firearm assaults. 9 cases of assault in 2017 involved the firing of a gun.
  • Discussed recent uptick
    • 12/20: the 600 block of Columbia Rd (A victim was shot in the leg and is in stable condition. MPD is continuing to investigate this case)
    • 12/20: the 600 block of Morton/Park Rd (MPD made arrest in this case).
    • 12/25: the 500 block of Irving (MPD did not recover any evidence at this crime scene)
    • 12/26: Otis and Warder (two juvenile males were near the corner of Otis St and Warder St, NW when two suspects approached them and began shooting at them. Both victims sustained injuries to their lower extremities, none appear to be life threatening at this time)
    • 12/31: 600 block of Newton Pl NW
  • The cases do not appear to be related (one was an altercation of a broken-into car, a few were some known suspects, others are currently unknown motives)

Remarks from Councilmember Nadeau

  • I called the meeting today to get a community briefing from MPD directly about the situation, and to acknowledge the work the UNC has been doing on public safety
  • I understand that the recent shootings are incredibly upsetting, and want the community to have all the facts. Any amount of crime in our community is too much, and I’ll keep working with the police and all of our human service agencies to ensure we’re doing all we can to prevent it.
  • I am in constant contact with the Ward 1 police commanders to relay constituent concerns
  • I supported the passage and funding of the NEAR act – comprehensive criminal justice reform – which is now fully funded
  • Secured $250,000 in additional funding for gang violence prevention and youth-serving non-profits in Ward 1
  • I convened a neighborhood public safety walk for residents to join MPD and other DC agencies to identify hotspots and solutions
  • I organized the first public safety “intervention walk,” in which I brought together community, police, and district agencies to provide substance and mental health interventions and address trouble spots
  • I supported a program that subsidizes private security cameras (program info here)
  • I Introduced a bill to target and eradicate street harassment
  • I voted in support of increased funding to hire more officers
  • Date will be announced soon for annual Ward 1 Public Safety Event with the Police Chief (Sign up for updates here)


MPD Remarks

  • Adjusted deployments
    • 3rd District and 4th District increased presence with patrol officers, along with members of Crime Suppression Teams (CST)
  • 600 Morton case closed w/ arrest
  • 500 Irving & 600 Columbia still under investigation
  • Recently recovered 2 weapons
  • 18 handguns recovered in the Park View neighborhood in 2017
  • 613/623 Otis boarded up and continually checked on – residents can report to MPD or DCRA if they find that boards are missing
  • 646 Newton being worked on (private property) with Office of the Attorney General
  • Some youth involved actually being brought in to Department of Parks and Recreation Programming at the Park View Rec center – importance of prevention to engage in a non-police environment
    • DPR’s Roving Leaders Program

Community Questions/Testimony

  • Concern in neighborhood started in August -- Emergency meetings also happened in July
  • Mismatch between statistics and perception
    • Concern about crimes that go unreported, particularly unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • What are preemptive actions the community can take?
  • Concern about lack of MPD presence during school pickup times at Bruce Monroe
  • Assaults w/ deadly weapon up year-over-year for the last two years in Park View
  • Question about making Park View in one police district again (currently north of Park Rd is D4, south is D3)
  • Increased police presence safety efforts may end up being discriminatory, should ensure it is treating neighborhood residents with respect and not penalizing people for being in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Seeing police "on iPhones in their cop cars" - not enough foot patrols, a lot of light stations and parked cars
    • MPD Reply: Added a foot patrol in southern part of neighborhood (around Columbia Road), but in-person presence is being expanded. A lot of iPhone use may actually be official business, as it’s used for ticketing. But will speak to officers to be sure.
  • Question on 4 targeted addresses in neighborhood (particularly around Newton street)
    • 643 Newton St - Back of the house still not boarded up
      • This can be reported to either MPD or DCRA for remedy
    • Recent Department of Behavioral Health conference explored different models for crime prevention (some out of Philadelphia)
    • Woman on Otis seeing a lot of drug activity hopping around, may not be addressed by traditional methods
    • Dealing with long-term and systemic problems
      • Would like to know more about the NEAR act and how that will have an impact on crime prevention in the neighborhood

Additional Information

  • The Park View UNC Public Safety Working Group will be convening its next meeting soon, which will be announced on the Yahoo group
  • We will all continue working together to address problem properties and hotspots. In particular, the Councilmember, Mayor, MPD, DCRA, Office of the Attorney General are focusing resources on this effort.