Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project





November 9, 2019

2 - 4pm

Cardozo Education Campus

  1. What is the Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project?

The Lower Georgia Avenue corridor is undergoing a change in its demographics, culture, and built environment.  The New Communities Initiative for Park Morton will redevelop two large plots in Pleasant Plains and Park View into mixed-use, mixed-income communities, and will likely be the catalyst for even more change in the near future.  

The Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project aims to look holistically at the resources, concerns, and opportunities in the Pleasant Plains, Park View, and LeDroit Park neighborhoods and convene important stakeholders in the future of the area.  The objective is to devise an action plan of policies, programs, and practices that will help ensure a more equitable future for the corridor. A top priority is elevating the voices of residents of color in planning the future of Lower Georgia Avenue.


  1. What are the goals of the project?

The goals of the Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project are to:

  1. Uphold racial diversity and cohesion

  2. Preserve and create affordable housing in integrated, mixed-income neighborhoods

  3. Promote and protect community-serving businesses

  4. Re-invest dollars spent in the corridor back into neighborhoods

  5. Create welcoming public spaces

  1. What is the geographical location of the project?

The Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project includes the Lower Georgia Avenue corridor and the surrounding neighborhoods of Pleasant Plains, Park View, and Ledroit Park.

  1. What is the Community Partnership?

The Lower Georgia Avenue Community Partnership is a forum intended to facilitate discussion, information sharing, and consensus-based decision-making to support the visioning of a revitalized Lower Georgia Avenue Corridor.  For decades, communities have felt negatively impacted by threats to local business sustainability, racial division, residential displacement, and safety concerns. The Community Partnership is grounded in equitable development, seeking to bring inclusive benefits to the surrounding neighborhoods of Pleasant Plains, Park View, and Ledroit Park.   A key output of the Community Partnership is a set of community-driven recommendations to guide Councilmember Nadeau’s legislation and community-led initiatives.

The Lower Georgia Avenue Community Partnership is a multi-stakeholder forum designed to foster “win-win” decision-making through: 1) Inclusive and equitable advisory participation by key residents and stakeholders, and 2) Collaboration and agreement among developers, community organizations, key partners, and project beneficiaries. This Community Partnership will engage community and city leaders in master planning and neighborhood quality of life initiatives.  Stakeholders will be brought together to address specific issues such as affordable housing, transit-oriented development, and community and place-making.

  1. Who is Justice & Sustainability Associates (JSA) and what is their role in the project?

Justice & Sustainability Associates (JSA) is an alternative dispute resolution firm with a mission to help community and neighborhood residents, government agencies and developers reach just and sustainable agreements about land uses.  In the Washington metropolitan region and throughout the United States, JSA successfully helped implement numerous community visioning, waterfront, community redevelopment and transportation projects. Grounded in care, transparency, and authenticity, we are dedicated to creating more “beloved communities.”

At the request of Councilmember Nadeau (Ward 1, DC Government), Justice & Sustainability Associates (JSA) is designing and constructing the Lower Georgia Avenue Community Partnership. 

The JSA team, led by CEO and Principal, Don Edwards, engages with all stakeholder groups and is responsible for managing the Community Partnership, which is the planning vehicle to guide the evolution of the Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project.  In addition, the JSA team engages provides strategic advice, consensus-building, and civic engagement coaching through the lifecycle of the project.

  1. What is Councilmember Nadeau’s relationship to the project?

Councilmember Nadeau is initiating and funding the launch of the Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Project and supporting the formation of the Community Partnership.  Given that the aim of the project is to develop community-driven recommendations, Councilmember Nadeau will not unduly influence the outcomes and recommendations of the project, and thus, will not be directly engaged in the development or efforts of the Community Partnership.  Recommendations from the Community Partnership will inform and help guide future legislation the councilmember introduces on housing affordability, small business supports, human services, and more. The Office of Councilmember Nadeau will actively support community-led initiatives related to the project.

  1. What is the timeline of the project?

The project was announced by Councilmember Nadeau in her swearing-in address at the DC Inauguration Ceremony in January 2019.  The public launch event is planning for November 9, 2019. The first phase of the project entails launching a community consultative process and establishing the framework of the Lower Georgia Avenue Community Partnership.  The second phase will be standing up the Community Partnership. 


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