Public Safety

Where I Stand

Everyone deserves to live in a community where they feel safe. I’m in constant communication with the police commanders in Ward 1 to relay concerns I hear from constituents and to ensure police have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

I've compiled a list of Community Safety Resources that gives a sample of organizations that engage in violence intervention, youth outreach, victims' services, and more.  

Last year I co-introduced and voted for the NEAR Act, a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill that addresses community violence with a public health approach. The NEAR Act is now fully funded and I continue to track its implementation closely. A summary of the provisions of the NEAR Act and their implementation status was recently released. It includes:

  • Establishment of the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE)
  • Establishment of the Office of Violence Prevention and Health Equity
  • New standards for reporting data on Stop and Frisk and Uses of Force
  • Arrest diversion for those with mental health needs

I’m also fighting to reduce gun violence with a bill that gives police and residents new tools to remove guns if a person presents an immediate threat to themselves or others. As a woman, I also know what it’s like to feel unsafe on the streets due to street harassment. That’s why I pushed for the Council’s first ever hearing on the issue and introduced a bill to target and eradicate street harassment through education, culture change, and by gathering data on the problem that will help us focus our resources.

What I've Done

  • Introduced the Street Harassment Prevention Act of 2017. The bill would:
    • Officially define street harassment
    • Create an advisory committee to develop policies, guidelines and procedures to educate District employees to identify and address street harassment
    • Administer funding for a street harassment awareness programs aimed at areas that are high risk
    • Conduct a survey to collect data to better understand the pervasiveness of street harassment in the District
  • Introduced the Extreme Risk Civil Protection Act, which would reduce gun violence in the District by giving residents and police more tools to reduce access to firearms by those who are a risk to themselves or others.
  • Co-introduced the NEAR Act, a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill that seeks to use public health approaches to prevent violence and reduce incarceration. I continue to push for full implementation (see ‘Where I Stand’)

Funding Secured for Gang Violence Prevention Activities in Ward 1

$ 250000
The amount my office secured for gang violence prevention activities in Ward 1.
  • Voted for a budget that increased funding for MPD to move forward with body camera rollout and add 60 new officers.
  • Supported the Private Security Camera Rebate and Voucher Program.
  • Convene regular public safety walks, and a major annual public safety event that brings together community members, the police, and District agencies that offer substance abuse and mental health interventions to walk a neighborhood and address trouble spots