Economic Opportunity

Where I Stand

Whether she is a returning citizen, a recent immigrant, or a teenager looking for her first job, every District resident deserves the opportunity to flourish professionally and build a career in the District. I will always work to ensure that District workers have safe working conditions, are fairly compensated, and are able to compete in their chosen fields. I want to make sure that District government supports the right conditions for small businesses to thrive: programmatic support, clean streets, and safe, livable, walkable neighborhoods.

What I've Done

  • Established Clean Teams on every commercial corridor in Ward 1.

  • Created Main Street programs for business support and programming in every part of Ward 1: the Columbia Heights/Mt Pleasant Main Street, U Street Main Street, and Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street (Adams Morgan is covered by a Business Improvement District, or BID).

  • Created the Lower Georgia Avenue Equitable Development Plan, which among other goals aims to support minority-owned businesses and create inclusive third spaces on Georgia Avenue.

  • Funded the installation and operation of recycling bins for each of the Ward 1 Clean Teams.

  • Funded the expansion of the Ward 1 Clean Teams so that they can clean blocks adjacent to commercial corridors and provided raises for Clean Team members.

  • Co-introduced temporary and permanent legislation making it easier for returning citizens to participate in the medical cannabis industry. 

  • Co-introduced the Housing Assistance for School-Based Mental and Behavioral Health Providers Amendment Act of 2022 to make it easier for mental health clinicians to live in the District by waiving length of employment requirements housing assistance for providers who have accepted offers to serve as clinicians in District schools. 

  • Supported funding for new licensing specialists at D.C. Health to ensure that workers in the health professions can transition seamlessly to practice.

  • Worked with the Board of Social Work to ensure that the Board promulgated supervised practice regulations to mitigate the District’s mental health workforce crisis. 

  • In both Fiscal Year 2022 and Fiscal Year 2023, provided $180,000 in funding to a Main Street organization to hire outreach workers to meet the needs of individuals with mental health and substance abuse challenges who spend time in public spaces near the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza and in Mt. Pleasant and Adams Morgan.

  • Provided $175,000 in additional funding to enhance the services offered by the Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant Main Street program in support of small businesses.